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Shenzhen Yifeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
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Guangdong, China
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 Why choose YFZN wireless charger?


1st. We ONLY provide our private molds and patent design wireless chargers, we guarantee our quality, all the products quality control by our own QC team, and tested by the Three Party, with 3 times strict quality testing before delivery, combine the computer test and iPhone/Samsung series products test.


2nd. Yifeng Intelligent Company with more than 9 years experiences working with oversea clients, a series Amazon, Walmart etc Top Sell items original factory. e.g. T3, T1, T2, T5, T8, M9, M11, M13 etc.


3rd. We have a professional international team for products consult and aftersale, if you would like to cooperate with the original factory directly, welcome to contact us~